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Many Reasons Why To Buy Moissanite


.A little knowledge goes a long way as the saying goes, but when it comes to finding the ideal gemstone for your jewellery needs in a room full of natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds, cubic zirconia, white sapphires, and everything else in between, moissanite just comes out on top.

So let’s make it simple with the best reasons to buy Moissanite:


Moissanite has more brilliance than any other gemstone in the world, even more than diamond, and that means in simple terms more sparkle.


Moissanite also has the most fire of any gem in the world, to be exact 2.4 times the fire of diamond. It is fire gives a gem its glittering rainbow effect.


Moissanite withstands temperatures that can even destroy a diamond. It’s also resistant to scratching, chipping, as well as breaking. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for engagement rings and every day jewellery pieces.


Moissanite is classed as eye-clean, or in other words flawless to the naked eye. All moissanite stones successfully pass rigorous inspection processes therefore offering the highest clarity possible.


Not only does moissanite give you more beauty for less when compared to similar gemstones. This unique stone always offers superior optical properties to any other colourless gemstones like diamonds and always at modest prices helping make your dreams become real.


Moissanite, although it can be found in nature, must be grown in a laboratory as it is just too rare to mine. Lab-created gemstones eliminate the issues associated with overseas mining operations, including child labour as well as war funding. Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® is exclusively grown in the U.S where the state of the art facility operates under the most stringent guidelines.


The sheer size and harsh means of extracting gemstones from beneath the earth’s surface is enough to make you wonder – how could this possibly not damage the environment? Gemstone mining operations have been scientifically shown to cause irreversible damage to the environment when they fail to follow regulations set forth by our governments. Choosing lab-created moissanite reduces this reliance on mining that damages our environment.


A trace amount of silicon carbide travels from outer space, forming into tiny crystals along its way, and lands upon the earth’s surface.

With its miraculous discovery in the 1800s, and over a century of failed attempts to recreate its beauty, the world lay in wait for the first moissanite gemstone.

Science and art collide to bring you Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite®, innovation at its best. Now, a gem that almost seems too good to be true has reached the fingertips of thousands.

And as you search for your dream you have chosen a gem whose grandeur you can touch, but whose intrinsic beauty stands for so much more.


Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum Wedding Rings Celebrate the Special Day in a Lavish Way

Most women have a love for jewellery that is rarely hidden from anyone and when it comes to wedding rings gold and platinum are admired by everyone.

You can present your loved one with that special gift, with either of these elements but only platinum will show the true depth of your feelings. The solid white platinum ring will be luscious and precious after many, many years of wear appearing just as the day you presented it.

Platinum has shown throughout time that it does not falter in its colour (white) and is even hard enough for the most rigorous wearer. Jewellers have known for generations the real charm and longevity of platinum and it is for this reason it has the quality to attract people, which no one can deny. It is these qualities of platinum that makes it the hot favorite among the buying public.

All precious metals are costly and if you start comparing the quality and price, then most people will select platinum as it tops the list with its uniqueness and beauty. It is one of the unbeatable products that has been in use since ancient times and is still going strong.

A planned wedding is obviously the best time to buy these rings and you can make a great start with a ring that will be with your partner for eternity.

There are numerous people who have bought platinum wedding rings and this will continue in the future. The cost of a platinum wedding ring is nothing in comparison to the smile and love you will get when presenting the ring to your partner. Happiness and satisfaction is all we need to live contentedly, however materialistic things do hold some importance therefore you can show your true feelings with a platinum wedding ring. They have always been the preferred choice for the most astute buyer especially for that special person on the most special occasion of your life.

Going Online Can Offer You Diamond Engagement Rings To Suit Your Budget

Going Online Can Offer You Diamond Engagement Rings to Suit Your Budget

Diamond engagement rings are one of the first choices when a person thinks about their engagement.

Diamond engagement rings are considered to be special, beautiful and ideal to give to your partner. We are told women love jewellery almost more than anything else in the world so a diamond engagement ring fully meets this criterion.

Diamond engagement rings can be in any precious metal element, platinum, gold or silver. However, the sparkle of a diamond is always special and most precious therefore select the very best quality you can afford.

Remember diamonds can easily show your love in the very best manner especially with these type of rings.

There are a number of stores online and even on your high street that can help you with various designs and price ranges.

However, there are many important and specific characters that you should remember to get the best diamond rings. With the help of research using the internet and visiting shops in your city will always help you in deciding what style, design, price etc.

There are a number of companies that sell good quality diamonds to their customers and they can help you in getting the best piece of jewellery according to your budget.

There are also companies that can offer you budget diamond engagement rings that will be meet the most restricted budget and help you to supply a perfect gift for your loved once.

Silver Wedding Rings for Those Who Think Differently

Silver Wedding Rings for Those Who Think Differently

To get the prefect Wedding Ring before your marriage is one of the most important and a necessary part of your celebration preparations. Choosing the right ring isn’t easy therefore you have to choose it wisely and not emotionally.

Sometimes emotion gets the better of people and they get carried away, later regretting that they were not realistic and followed their instincts more. Please remember it is not just a ring as it includes a lot of significance, the ring is basically the physical representation of a person’s love and commitment towards their partner.

There are different kinds of jewellers available in the market place who will advise you however it must be you who decides what is the best product for you. There are a number of Wedding Rings available in lots of different styles but you should choose them according to their importance, your needs and on the available budget. People should be really serious and very alert while purchasing their Wedding Rings from the high street or from online stores. However, more than the price it’s the design and look of the ring that is considered to be most important.

If you are really looking for something entirely different and unique in style, then you can always go for a Silver Wedding Ring. There are many companies who can help you in designing any kind of ring from plain bands to fancy or even stone set ones. These companies need the details of your requirements to allow them to deliver it depending upon your budget.

You should always ensure that you are confident the company you are dealing with will produce exactly what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a modern, stylish and an entirely different looking ring that does not cost too much then ensure you have the time and the budget to choose Silver Wedding Rings. There are a number of properties of silver which makes it stand out against other metals. Some of the best properties are; it is highly durable in nature and non-allergic in reaction with your skin as well as being non tarnish when bought from the right source.

The best part about silver is that even though it looks so lovely and different from other materials it is much lower in price and is ideal for all those who are on a more restricted budget. There are many occasions in history which refer to the use of silver for the purpose of marriage. There is a tradition in Christianity which states while exchanging rings during the marriage ceremony the boy’s ring will be of gold and the girl’s will be of silver, hence, why Silver Wedding Rings are popular and widely used during the marriage ceremonies.

To purchase top-quality Silver Wedding Rings online, is the leading retailer to try in the UK. It offers a variety of non-tarnish Silver Wedding Rings at the very best prices saving up to 60%, so why not visit the store now!

Questions to Ask Before Buying the Best Engagement Ring

Questions to Ask Before Buying the Best Engagement Ring

Buying a really good engagement ring before your engagement can be a tough decision to make but there are a few but very important things to be considered.

There are a lot of pre-conceived ideas that may pop-up in your mind and it is best practice that you should clear all of them before making any kind of decision.

Men especially find it difficult to pick the perfect piece of jewellery because it’s never been in their lets say comfort zone. This is the prime reasons that almost every male is quite unaware of what kind of jewellery or style will be good for their loved one?

Here is a list some simple questions that are put together to buy good engagement ring.

What kind of stylish ring do you need for your partner?

Unless your partner has told you what kind of ring they want it will be very difficult for anyone to buy the best that meets all the demands of their partner.

There are different designs and styles that should be considered to make sure you choose the best for the most special person on a very special day of your life.

Styles to Consider

  • The simple round cut single stone ring
  • The princess / square cut rings
  • The three stone rings
  • Designer rings
  • Antique design or the Victorian style rings

Then you need to know what colour that will be required for the ring? There are different colors of golds as well as white palladium and platinum and almost all stores will help you with that but remember to choose the one that meets the desires of the person you are buying it for.

What will be the size something too large may not suit and something too small will never do?

What is the budget? Buy and search items that are within your budget.

All these points are very important because if it is not perfect then purchasing any engagement ring will at the end of the day mean nothing.

A Unique Alternative to Diamonds

A Unique Gem for the Beginning of a Special Relationship

Whenever we talk about engagement or wedding rings most people usually suggest diamonds with either gold, palladium or platinum.

However, there are many other stones in the world that are still generally unknown to many people and it is one of these that can prove to be the best stone for either your engagement or wedding ring requirements.

Moissanite stones are one of those highly recommended and special stones that are used in both types of jewellery. It is one of the most highly rated and has features that even outshine diamonds. This can really be an attractive and beautiful option for your engagement and wedding rings.

If you compare diamond rings against Moissanite Rings, then there is very little difference, ones that only the expert eye can detect. In fact, diamonds that cost up to ten times more than Moissanite, have a lower refractive index (less sparkle) whilst both being equally long lasting. Other additional points to be noted are that Moissanite has more fire and luster than diamonds. Therefore, Moissanite is a more obvious choice when buying an engagement or wedding ring.

Moissanite is one of the rarest elements in the world and definitely one of the best for your special loved one. You can really make an impact among friends and family. This can be not only a statement of being different and unique in the crowd but also one of being savvy when buying to a budget.

Why not take time to research Moissanite Rings at Jewellery by the UK’s cheapest supplier of moissanite jewellery before making any decisions on your “Special Day”.

Platinum Wedding Rings: Find Out Their Properties

Platinum Wedding Rings: Find Out Their Properties

Platinum wedding rings have always been special and are trusted for their quality as well as style.

Every person who thinks of getting married considers at least once about buying a platinum wedding ring for their partner.

They are considered to be the best and the ultimate wedding ring one can buy for both the bride and groom.

Platinum is one of the rarest materials as well as the hardest and considered an element of natural beauty for the last two centuries.

It has certain qualities and properties that make it one of the top materials for the manufacture of wedding rings as it is strong while being malleable.

Platinum is obviously highly resistant to the rigors of everyday wear and tear and all our platinum is hallmarked 950 the highest Platinum quality offered.

Always check the purity of the platinum that is used when making any purchase of a platinum wedding ring.

Different elements have different types of allergic issues to anyone who wears them, however, 950 platinum products can easily be worn without any allergic side effects.

There are a wide variety of platinum wedding rings that can easily suit your requirement so just look at Jewellery by to find your ideal platinum wedding ring no matter the shape, width or finger size,plain or patterned we offer it.

Moissanite the Only Alternative to Diamond

Moissanite is the only alternative to diamond for Engagement Rings

Do you know about any other option for diamonds? Many prospective buyers still think that diamond is the only gem that is available and can only be used for engagement rings.

However, this statement is not quite true there is a definite alternative and is often regarded as the only alternative for lower prices and more sparkle and it is called moissanite. Moissanite stones are one of the rarest and beautiful elements now available from Jewellery by

When buying an engagement ring you have to consider a number of relevant things as well as the emotions that play when purchasing a ring for that special person in your life. In short you have to think emotionally, visually and financially whist including many other low priority factors. Not forgetting the most important person who you are about to give the ring too. When you start looking you should check about the details of moissanite rings which are now one of the hot topics in the world of beauty and jewellery. 

When we consider our emotions then there is no place for compromise and people always prefer to do there very best within a budget. These moissanite stones are equivalent to the diamond but are cheaper in price but retain a high quality. Those who are looking for classic beauty with the brilliance of diamonds should go for the moissanite set rings. These are man made stones at affordable prices and have many features that are much better than a diamond itself.

These are today the only real alternatives available for the diamonds at affordable prices. Moissanite is an elegant and classy yet affordable option and the only available alternative for diamonds. If you saw both rings (Diamond / Moissanite) side by side you would find it extremely difficult to point out the difference. Many people in the past including retail jewelers have misread moissanite as diamond so please look at our moissanite engagement ring range. 

Question to ask before buying the best moissanite set ring

Questions to ask before buying the best moissanite set rings

Buying excellent moissanite set rings for your engagement can be a tough decision to make.

There are a few important things you need to consider and there are a lot of things that might pop-up in your mind therefore you should address all of them before making any kind of final decision.

For men it is always especially difficult to pick the right piece of jewellery because it’s never been in their so called comfort zone. This is the prime reasons that almost every male is quite unaware of what kind of moissanite set engagement ring will be right for their loved one?

Here is a list of some simple questions that when put together help you buy the right moissanite set engagement ring.

What kind of stylish ring do you need for your partner?

Unless your partner has told you what kind of moissanite engagement ring they want it will be very difficult for anyone to buy the best they can whilst making it meet the dreams of their partner.

There are different designs that should be looked at to make sure you choose the very best for the most special day of your life.

The most popular Stone Shapes:

  • Brilliant round cut
  • Square cut (princess cut)
  • Heart Shaped
  • Oval Shaped
  • Pear Shaped
  • Cushion Shaped

The most popular ring colours:

  • White gold available in 9ct or 18ct
  • Yellow gold available in 9ct or 18ct
  • Rose (red) gold available in 9ct or 18ct
  • White available in platinum

The most popular ring styles:

  • Single stone (solitaire)
  • Three stone
  • Eternity (5-7 stone)
  • Cluster

Always remember to choose the one that meets the desires of the person you are buying it for. This is very important because if it is not perfect then the purchasing of an engagement ring will not have the desired meaning.

Finally always buy and search for moissanite set rings that are within your budget.

Find the perfect Moissanite set jewellery


jewellery by

Let’s face it a moissanite set jewellery could make or break your fashion statement for the day. If you are fashion conscious and want to add jewellery to your wardrobe, then you probably have already looked at luxury jewellery before. Unfortunately who wants and who can spend thousands of pounds and break the bank on fashion?

With moissanite jewellery, you can be fashion conscious and fashion forward, while still maintaining your status as a savvy shopper. By looking at jewellery by moissanite set jewellery you can add sparkle and beautiful jewellery to your wardrobe for an affordable price, and without skimping on the look or size of the stones themselves. Moissanite is in short, the perfect answer to the savvy shopper’s jewellery needs. Whether you need moissanite earrings, or a new, sparkling pendant, Jewellery by has all the options for you.


Just like diamonds, these beautiful gemstones are rated on their clarity, color, size, and sparkle. Most moissanite is colorless or near colorless, and has near perfect clarity, with only small, needle-like inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. This makes it an excellent and affordable alternative to natural diamonds, as they are similar in appearance in this regard.

Where this gem stone excels however is in its sparkle and with a greater refractive index than a diamond as well as having more fire than any other gem stone. Light in any environment will enter the stone and be reflected within it, creating a brilliant display of flashes and rainbow-like sparkles. an even more beautiful and dazzling gem.

This special gem also excels in size versus carat weight. Because their crystalline structure is lighter than a natural diamond, moissanite gems are larger per the carat weight of the stone than a diamond would be. This size increase allows you choose a larger, more brilliant stone for the money.


All of this beauty is wrapped in the jewellery style of your choice, from traditional to ultra-modern, and its quality is guaranteed by warranty. Each moissanite gem is inspected for quality and carefully cut by master gem cutters. Each stone is guaranteed to maintain its clarity and color and to not change over time. When you add all of these factors together, you can easily see that you don’t need to sacrifice beauty and style for price; if you choose Jewellery by moissanite set jewellery you can have it all.


Whether you are shopping with the girls or at a formal dinner, you want to look your best. Even if you are relaxing at home, there is something to be said for feeling good about the way you look. Adding a simple touch like a pair of our beautiful moissanite earrings or a stylish pendant can take any casual outfit up a notch or complement your elegance. In fact, we at Jewellery by have earrings and pendants for any occasion.

Garden Barbecue

Heading to a friend’s house to enjoy warm weather and great food? Chances are you are dressed a little more casually. Maybe you decided to throw on a pair of skinny jeans and boots. A barbecue does not have much of a dress code, but that does not mean you can’t dress up your outfit with some sparkle and opt for a set of stud earrings or a solitaire pendant.

Night Out

Dinner and a movie or drinks and dancing, a night out is just begging for a beautiful pair of earrings and a stunning pendant to go with your little black dress and heels. Whatever you are wearing a pair of Jewellery by moissanite set earrings and or a pendant will add an element of tasteful shine to any outfit.

Out With the Girls

Time with the girls usually means some much-needed time for you. There is little that compares to chatting with your friends while at lunch or shopping or even a manicure, but it is even better when you are in good company. Your favorite jeans and a casual top can be dressed up with the right kind of jewellery. A simple pendant looks great with just about anything, and you can match it with a pair of fashionable earrings.

Running Errands

Most people do not view running to the grocery store or the bank as a time that begs for style. However, you never know whom you will run into, which is why it is always important to look your best at all times. Even if you have just come from the gym, you can take a few minutes to fix your makeup and throw on a pair of earrings or a pendant. All our moissanite earrings and pendants are perfect for any occasion, and that includes waiting in line at the post office.

Caring for Your Moissanite Earring & Pendants

Now that you know how to wear them, you should know how to maintain them. Use jewellery polishing cloths with a touch of non-acid based cleaner. You could also use a very mild soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush, or steam cleaners made especially for jewellery.

A few things to avoid:

  • Extreme heat
  • Harsh Chemicals

Clean your moissanite earrings and pendants at least twice a year or more often if you notice they are getting a little dirty. Through taking care of your jewellery, you can be sure to look great no matter what clothes you have on.