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Let’s face it a moissanite set jewellery could make or break your fashion statement for the day. If you are fashion conscious and want to add jewellery to your wardrobe, then you probably have already looked at luxury jewellery before. Unfortunately who wants and who can spend thousands of pounds and break the bank on fashion?

With moissanite jewellery, you can be fashion conscious and fashion forward, while still maintaining your status as a savvy shopper. By looking at jewellery by moissanite set jewellery you can add sparkle and beautiful jewellery to your wardrobe for an affordable price, and without skimping on the look or size of the stones themselves. Moissanite is in short, the perfect answer to the savvy shopper’s jewellery needs. Whether you need moissanite earrings, or a new, sparkling pendant, Jewellery by has all the options for you.


Just like diamonds, these beautiful gemstones are rated on their clarity, color, size, and sparkle. Most moissanite is colorless or near colorless, and has near perfect clarity, with only small, needle-like inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. This makes it an excellent and affordable alternative to natural diamonds, as they are similar in appearance in this regard.

Where this gem stone excels however is in its sparkle and with a greater refractive index than a diamond as well as having more fire than any other gem stone. Light in any environment will enter the stone and be reflected within it, creating a brilliant display of flashes and rainbow-like sparkles. an even more beautiful and dazzling gem.

This special gem also excels in size versus carat weight. Because their crystalline structure is lighter than a natural diamond, moissanite gems are larger per the carat weight of the stone than a diamond would be. This size increase allows you choose a larger, more brilliant stone for the money.


All of this beauty is wrapped in the jewellery style of your choice, from traditional to ultra-modern, and its quality is guaranteed by warranty. Each moissanite gem is inspected for quality and carefully cut by master gem cutters. Each stone is guaranteed to maintain its clarity and color and to not change over time. When you add all of these factors together, you can easily see that you don’t need to sacrifice beauty and style for price; if you choose Jewellery by moissanite set jewellery you can have it all.


Whether you are shopping with the girls or at a formal dinner, you want to look your best. Even if you are relaxing at home, there is something to be said for feeling good about the way you look. Adding a simple touch like a pair of our beautiful moissanite earrings or a stylish pendant can take any casual outfit up a notch or complement your elegance. In fact, we at Jewellery by have earrings and pendants for any occasion.

Garden Barbecue

Heading to a friend’s house to enjoy warm weather and great food? Chances are you are dressed a little more casually. Maybe you decided to throw on a pair of skinny jeans and boots. A barbecue does not have much of a dress code, but that does not mean you can’t dress up your outfit with some sparkle and opt for a set of stud earrings or a solitaire pendant.

Night Out

Dinner and a movie or drinks and dancing, a night out is just begging for a beautiful pair of earrings and a stunning pendant to go with your little black dress and heels. Whatever you are wearing a pair of Jewellery by moissanite set earrings and or a pendant will add an element of tasteful shine to any outfit.

Out With the Girls

Time with the girls usually means some much-needed time for you. There is little that compares to chatting with your friends while at lunch or shopping or even a manicure, but it is even better when you are in good company. Your favorite jeans and a casual top can be dressed up with the right kind of jewellery. A simple pendant looks great with just about anything, and you can match it with a pair of fashionable earrings.

Running Errands

Most people do not view running to the grocery store or the bank as a time that begs for style. However, you never know whom you will run into, which is why it is always important to look your best at all times. Even if you have just come from the gym, you can take a few minutes to fix your makeup and throw on a pair of earrings or a pendant. All our moissanite earrings and pendants are perfect for any occasion, and that includes waiting in line at the post office.

Caring for Your Moissanite Earring & Pendants

Now that you know how to wear them, you should know how to maintain them. Use jewellery polishing cloths with a touch of non-acid based cleaner. You could also use a very mild soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush, or steam cleaners made especially for jewellery.

A few things to avoid:

  • Extreme heat
  • Harsh Chemicals

Clean your moissanite earrings and pendants at least twice a year or more often if you notice they are getting a little dirty. Through taking care of your jewellery, you can be sure to look great no matter what clothes you have on.