Engagement Rings Should Last a Lifetime

Engagement rings should last a lifetime

For a woman, an engagement ring should last a lifetime and symbolizes exactly how much you in love you are.  Men who value their relationships learn to adapt to a ladies way of thinking and therefore put some time and effort into their shopping process.  When you make an investment into a piece of jewellery, we always recommend that you do a little research before you make any purchase.

Moissanite engagement rings are quickly becoming the popular choice for trendy, hip couples that are looking for more wow’s for their money.  While some traditional ring buying rules are quickly becoming outdated, two words stand out strongly to men that are thinking of popping the question: lower prices.

Benefits in All Shapes and Sizes

The lower cost of Moissanite engagement rings isn’t the only benefit that catches the eye of both potential brides and grooms when choosing an engagement ring. Moissanite Jewels also offer several advantages over diamonds.  When your ring is expected to last a lifetime and house an abundance of important memories, quality is even more important than saving a few pounds.

  • Durability

Moissanite ranks just below natural diamonds on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, showing the ability of the diamond to withstand any type of surface scratching.

  • Brilliance

The faceting pattern of Moissanite is unique, creating a different brilliance than that of traditional diamonds.  Moissanite jewels outshine diamonds with superior brilliance due to the heightened brilliance of the stone.

Lower Prices that can’t be Ignored

You can talk all day about the durability and brilliance of your diamond, but in the end it’s hard to ignore the reality of lower prices.  With Moissanite rings, you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to stay within your budget. Moissanite Jewels are considerably less expensive than natural diamonds, making it easy to buy her the ring she wants without starting your life together with overwhelming debt.

Perfection Created Just for Her

Natural diamonds come in different cuts, clarity and colors.  Within those diamonds are small imperfections that can increase or decrease the cost and value of your engagement ring.

When you’re ready to take that all important step and move into this next, exciting phase of your life, shouldn’t you have a perfect jewel for a perfect girl?       A moissanite 

Give Her what She Wants

With all this talk about budget and durability, it’s vital to your future to remember the most important aspect in buying an engagement ring: getting her what she wants.  With Moissanite gems by Jewellery by William.com, you can find the perfect ring to ask her to start a new life with you at her side.