Dress Code Advice

Dress Codes

At Jewellery by William.com we always want you to look your very best when you are on the clock and working.

As you know you have a bit more freedom to do as you please in your own time when it comes to jewellery, but there are certain limitations to consider when you are thinking about wearing moissanite pendants or any other type of jewellery for work.

Jewellery is a great way to add a bit of corporate spice to your outfit, but wear it carefully so you do not appear pretentious or especially out of place.

Thin Strokes Work Best

  Put large embellishing pieces back in your jewellery box and opt for moissanite jewellery pieces that will accentuate your outfit and fully endorse personal taste.

Smaller and fewer pieces nearly always work best and remember that you are at work to get the job done, not to unveil the top designers’ newest fashion creations.

A small moissanite ring, earring, or a pendant will look great but you need to give yourself a generous once over before you leave for work to make sure that you look like a professional for whatever the job.

On a related note, make sure that any jewellery pieces that you wear are not too bold and loud as again you want to bring attention to your work, not your jewellery.

Balance is Everything

When you are wearing a moissanite type of pendant, it is best that you make sure that they are not overly bulky or so long that they become tangled or interfere with other normal work activities.

Before you leave for work, lean over and open and close a few dresser drawers to see if your necklace will be in the way.

While stacking jewellery has become quite popular, ask yourself if your stacked rings or pendants will be a professional choice in the workplace.

If you work at a creative or artistic workplace, you might be able to get away with wearing several at a time.

Have your jewellery fit the professional persona you have at work.

As for earrings, select a pair that will not overpower your face by selecting something that will enhance your natural features and give your skin that subtle glow.

Keep it Real

Wearing jewellery in the workplace is a great way to show your personality while adhering to the company dress code.

Therefore let quality moissanite jewellery by Jewellery by William.com aid and assist you to look your best.