Stone Set Jewellery Care

Stone Set Jewellery Care

We at Jewellery by feel customers need to know how to care for their stone set jewellery so they always look at their brilliant best.

It’s recommend they should be cleaned once a month to help maintain their luster and sparkle.

A moissanite or diamond as we know is one of the strongest substances known to man, but even so it still requires great care.

After all, that sparkling stone in your ring, pendant or earring has been lovingly chosen for you and should always be cared for in the same way.

Your jewellery has usually been made up of two remarkable components.

The first is obviously the moissanite or diamond, and the second is the precious metal it sits upon, this can be one of three materials: gold, palladium and of course platinum.

Although all these materials are tough they all do scratch in time, but remember this does not affect the integrity of the metal itself or indeed the diamond ring as a whole.

Regrettably moissanite and diamonds do attract grease, soap, skin oils and cosmetics whilst repelling water.

A greasy – dirty moissanite or diamond stops reflecting light and even looks smaller than a clean one.

So here are some basic methods we recommend to keep those stones shinning and full of luster:

  • A Detergent Bath:

Prepare a small bowl of warm water suds made with any mild washing liquid. Brush the moissanite or diamonds gently with a soft toothbrush while they are in the suds.

Then use a wire strainer and rinse under warm running water and finish by pat drying on a soft, lint-free cloth.

  • A Cold Water Soak:

This time you will need to prepare a 50% solution of cold water and 50% of household ammonia in a cup.

Soak the moissanite or diamond jewellery for 30 minutes and the lift out and gently tap around the back and front of the mounting with a small brush.

Swirl in the solution once again and drain dry on paper, there is no need to rinse under clean water.

  • A Quick-Dip Method:

Purchase one of the brand propriety named liquid jewellery cleaners and follow the instructions as the manufacturer advises.

General Tips:

  • Always avoid contact with chlorine bleach – it can pit or discolour the mounting
  • Minimise the risk of damaging your ring, do not wear your jewellery whilst doing hard chores or sports and especially DIY – the ring can be damaged especially the setting and the stone could be chipped or dislodged by any of these activities.
  • Do not mix or jumble all your jewellery together – diamonds and moissanites can scratch each other as well as damage other items, so try to keep them separate when storing your jewellery pieces.

Men’s Moissanite Jewellery

Men’s Moissanite Jewellery

Jewellery by wants men to look just as good as women whilst wearing moissanite rings and other types of jewellery.

Times have changed, and it’s more acceptable than ever for a man to be seen with a ring on his finger, a stud in his ear and a pendant adorning his neck.

Light & Easy

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re planning on wearing moissanite jewellery or in fact any other kind of jewellery is that you want to keep your look simple. Remember that jewellery and other accessories are supposed to pull your look together rather than draw attention away from everything else that you are wearing.

Always remember too much of a good thing might be simply just “too much”.

Tone for Tone

One of the greatest things about moissanite is that it has a neutral colour that goes great with everything. If you have any other pieces of jewellery with coloured stones, make sure that they complement the other colours and shades of your outfit.

Sometimes it’s best that you only wear one metal tone at a time. Yellow gold goes great with rich tones like green, royal blue, and brown. Make sure you pay attention to how rich or how pale your particular gold jewellery is.

White gold or platinum has a more neutral metal tone that matches almost anything that you wear. That being said, since these are a more neutral colour, it might not offer the vibrant contrast that you might want.

Think of these metals as the fashion glue that helps bind everything else together.

Lost in Translation

You should also be aware that different jewellery pieces have special meanings before you step out of the house wearing the wrong item.

For example, that ornamental ring you love might make some people associate you with prestige and wealth while others might associate the ring with a less flattering image.

It’s a good idea to choose your jewellery based on the event that you will be attending. If you’re going to an event for veterans for instance you can easily wear a military pin. If you’re going to an event at an art gallery, you can wear more avant-garde pieces.

Remember that these jewellery items are great conversation starters and can also be used to help open doors to new relationships or even your career.

Dressed For the Nine to Five

The jewellery you wear will also depend on the office dress code. If you work somewhere that’s more conservative, you may want to stick with a ring or pendant, or earrings. Even if you’re allowed to wear earrings or any other piercings, you’ll have to think about how it will look when you’re meeting with clients and attending company events.

Men now have more freedom than ever when it comes to wearing jewellery.

If you’re in need of tasteful jewellery ideas, turn to the experts at Jewellery by