Why Not Personalise Your Ring

Jewellery by William.com is proud to offer a full personal engraving service for you and your loved ones wedding or engagenment ring.

Engraving Wedding Rings

The normal cost for engraving a message or date inside a wedding ring is 20 per ring, this allows for up to 20 characters.
This service can be chosen as an extra option from the left hand menu on the home page (under the heading Engraving and Valuations). Up to 20 characters can be chosen just let us know the engraving required on the "Add Comments" within the checkout procedure.

The few exceptions are in cases where the finger size is too small or the band width is under 3mm or if there are diamond settings because there will be less space available.

The normal font used is script but other fonts are easily available, just let us know and we will check it out.

We also offer a service engraving the outside of a ring for a charge of £30 for up to 20 characters / spaces.

Engraving Engagement Rings

The engraving of engagement rings are often more complicated than engraving a wedding ring.

There is often less space to work with and the engraving usually has to be spaced between the diamond setting and the assay hallmark.

For this reason we charge £25 to engrave engagement rings. Again this service can be added as an extra option from the left hand menu on the home page (under the heading Engraving and Valuations).
Engraving Styles

We offer a script font as the standard as this is by far the most popular.

We also offer numerous other font types so if there is something specific you are after drop us an email and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Engraving Suggestions

We at Jewellery by William.com offer some suggestions and ideas that may give you some personal inspiration in choosing the right engraving message for you and your loved ones rings.

Jewellery by William.com always offers precision laser engraving on most of our rings.

However it is personalised wedding rings that are by far the most popular that our customers ask to be engraved.
Here are our standard engraving styles for you to select from:
Normally most customers know exactly what they want engraved but some of you ask us for ideas so we have put together a small list of suggestions to help inspire you.
Your Names and Wedding Date
For Brides and Grooms who prefer a classical approach this engraving never goes out of fashion.
Brides and Grooms often engrave each others nicknames inside their wedding rings
Your Song

Is there a particular song that you and your partner have declared to be "our song"?

Usually, it's a song that either reminds you of a special moment in your relationship like the first time you met, tells a story similar to your own or speaks perfectly of the feelings you have for one another.

You can have the title of the song engraved in your wedding rings or another idea might be to have a line from the chorus engraved in them.

A Date to Remember

The most popular choice is the wedding date, anniversary or date of birth.

Why not consider having the date and initials or names?

Love Message

Don't think you have to come up with an extraordinarily original idea.

Often, the simplest phrases have the greatest impact.

Sometimes, less is more. Consider engraving "I love you", "I love you always", or "Forever Together".
Romantic Latin Verses
Engrave a message in Latin like "Love Conquers All" translated into Latin "Amor Vincit Omnia" or "Love Always" translates "Semper Amemus" few people will understand the message making it more personal and intimate.

Love Poems

Maybe not as popular as days gone by, poetry is still the ideal way to quote one's inner emotions.

You can try writing your own or simply try one from a famous poet.

You can find plenty of web sites on the Internet listing poems and quotes about love and romance.

Wedding Vows

If your wedding vows are too long you may be able to choose one sentence or a small phrase that represents the essence of your vows and have that engraved on the rings.

Bible Verses

Engraving a Bible verse on a wedding ring is nowadays a popular option.

You could choose a verse you already know or you can look one up using a particular word on the internet using a bible dictionary.

Remember about the number of characters and the space available.
Some may like something humorous engarved it's open to deabate what to say but look at something like "A Deals a Deal", " Non Refundable" or "You're Stuck with Me Now".

Personal Designs

If you want a custom design of your own choice engraved on a ring we can arrange this, providing the design is a black and white jpg.

Please be aware of copyright issues before compiling your design as we are unable to engrave any trademarked logo.

We at Jewellery by William.com hope that some of the above ideas do inspire you and if you need advice or help then please contact us and we will do our very best to fulfill your dreams.