Bespoke / Your Design

Awaiting you in the heart of the famous jewellery quarter in Birmingham is a workshop with highly skilled model makers, setters and polishers.
It is here we can manufacture and create a piece of jewellery to the finest standard possible whether it's a beautiful diamond ring or a specialised and personal wedding ring.
These craftsmen have all the exceptional skills and vast experience to produce it.
Jewellery by believe that each customer should be treated individually regardless if the item of jewellery is from our diamond or wedding ring collection or is a unique one off design.
The qualified designers are professional and sympathetic to every client's needs and requirements.
With our custom design service, we offer an unrivaled and professional service with each customer.
The qualified designers work with you the customer to identify and map out each design taking into account their preferences and inspirations seeking to find your preferred style and look.
We would be delighted to help you to design your own unique ring and fulfill your dream of finding the perfect ring for you.

How does build your own ring work?
If you already have an idea of what you want or would like to have and already have some examples i.e. images, sketches, etc then please use the contact us details to send these examples.
We will then review what you have sent and one of our sales or design team will contact you to further discuss this project.
Based on the information supplied and after our consultation with you our design team will then create a hand drawing (as image 1 below), which we will send you for your viewing and acceptance.
After acceptance we will then proceed to produce a computer aided design (CAD) image of the ring you have agreed (image 2 below), which we will also send for your acceptance.
If you have no images or sketches available then we will try to realise your dream by fully discussing with you what aspirations and genre you are looking for.
Image 1
Image 2

Please remember although you can expect to make significant savings compared with high street prices you should expect to pay more than on our normal stock items.
Also remember that by working together we can produce a ring up to standard and down in price.
It is also worth bearing in mind that from design to completion we normally allow 4-6 weeks to finalise your exclusive ring.
Having created the image of your ideal ring we will then proceed to create the item in any of the desired metals, be it gold, palladium or platinum.
Please e-mail us if you have any queries or questions or if you would like to arrange a design consultation or even if you would like a ballpark quote to design your own engagement ring or wedding ring.

Important Notice

Please understand that we are unable to include bespoke items in our standard returns policy as the item is not normally resalable on our web site.
If you would like to return your bespoke item, we may be able to make an offer for the ring based on what we think we can recover usually by scrapping it.
Each decision will be made on a case by case basis, but in order to avoid these type of situations ever happening we endeavor to do our very best to ensure that you are always 100% satisfied with your purchase.